USMEP Strategic Services: US Market Seminars

Our comprehensive seminars are usually the first phase of our USMEP services. Each informative seminar highlights opportunities, expectations and strategies to effectively enter the US Market successfully with your products or services.

What Does the Seminar Include?
The US Food Market Seminar covers two important areas:

  1. Meeting Expectations: Describes the US market and highlights selling opportunities and expectations. Topics include:
    1. US Food Market Overview
    2. Geography and Demographic Considerations
    3. Sizing up the Competition
    4. The Red Tape: FDA Regulations
    5. Understanding US Retail and Distribution Networks
    6. Pricing Your Product to Sell
    7. Answering a US Buyers Three Big Questions about Your Product.
    8. Take the First Step
    9. Questions and Answers
  2. Getting on the Shelf: Describes how to navigate through the complex US marketplace and effectively position your products through highly integrated communication programs and sales management techniques. Topics in this section will include:
    1. Branding 101
    2. Connecting the Dots: Cyber PR and community building with Social Media
    3. Making Trade Show Worth the Time and Money
    4. Making the Buyer Happy
    5. How to Answer the Question, "What's Your Program?"
    6. Effective Communication American Style
    7. Summary
    8. Questions and Answers

We can also assist in finding sales agents for your products. Although most will require retainers, commissions, and a willingness of your group to participate in 'program promotion' with distributor and retail store ads, in-store tasting, mark-down periods, and more, this assistance can help you fast track your products to market.

Are Participation Certificates Provided?
This is a program where we provide a Certificate of Completion and you can charge a reasonable fee for participation.

What does the Seminar Cost?
The seminar costs $1,500 plus travel expenses.

What Do Product Evaluation Meetings Costs?
We can schedule additional meeting with Agrocluster companies to evaluate their readiness for the US market and provide coaching and on-site visits. Only additional travel fees will be charged for participating companies.

What Other US Market Entry Programs Have You Managed?
We have created successful US Market Entry campaigns for Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt. Our campaign support for the Tunisian government helped them increase branded exports of olive oil to the US by over 5,000% in a period of 2-1/2 years.

What Other Services Does the USMEP program offer?
The key to promoting a country, region or individual producer always comes down to the reality of funding. While the US market is open to new products, the cost of entry can be steep. Hamman Marketing can assist by providing public relations, buyer missions, trade show support and promotions, social media and web presence. This is a journey, and Hamman Marketing will work with you all along the way.