Sartex Textiles Competes in a Tough Market
Hamman Marketing positioned Sartex Textiles, a Tunisian finished goods manufacturer, as "the unknown company behind some of the best known brands in the world." At the same time, USMEP promoted the company’s competitive pricing, modern equipment and world reputation for manufacturing finished-goods for some of the most prestigious brand names. The campaign asked: “If brands like Levi Strauss, Tommy Hilfiger and others are choosing Sartex, why aren’t you? “

Press releases were sent to key trade and targeted consumer publications to make the link between Sartex and branded fashion resources. The release was also distributed broadly via the Internet resulting in inquiries from far beyond the American borders

USMEP’s strategy strengthened relations with existing contractors and helped position Sartex as a major player in the arena of high fashion fabric finishing and manufacture.

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