Olive Oil, Dates, Sea Salt and Specialty Foods

Palestinian Pavilion at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show
Hamman Marketing worked with USAID and the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce to bring Palestinian companies to the Javits Center, New York City in July 2013. The show was a success and American and world wide specialty food buyers were introduced to Palestinian Specialty Foods.

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USMEP's 100% Tunisian Campaign Increased Olive Oil Exports by 10% and Sales by 500%
The 100% Tunisian three-year marketing campaign successfully introduced 100% Tunisian olive oil to the US market and made Americans, who are the third largest olive oil consumers in the world, Tunisian olive oil fans.

T he most recent 100% Tunisian Olive Oil campaign featured trade and consumer magazine advertising, special events and trade shows, a dedicated Web site for olive oil recipes, videos, and information, a 100% Tunisian Trade Mission video documenting a recent mission for US and International food buyers, importers and specialty retailers. The campaign not only increased Tunisian Olive Oil exports byt 10%, it resulted in a 500% increase in sales.

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USMEP Helped The Original Ceylon Tea Company Accelerate US Sales
After launching its pure high mountain-grown Ceylon green tea in the US market, The Original Ceylon Tea Company profits climbed significantly in the first year. USMEP program included market research report of the competitive environment to establish premium position in the marketplace. From there, USMEP did a complete package redesign to make the product stand apart in the competitive retail environment, including a point-of-purchase merchandising system.

Next, USMEP introduced collateral sales materials and a robust campaign of public relations activities to announce the product to the trades. USMEP also created highly effective trade show graphics and related promotions to maximize that investment.

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USMEP Created a New US Market for Aquaculture Tunisienne
USMEP helped Aquaculture Tunisienne raise awareness among American buyers by emphasizing the health benefits of a diet high in fish protein. USMEP targeted industry trade publications featuring grocery, food service and hospitality services.

In addition to sales collateral distributed at U.S. trade shows and the program’s ad materials available as downloadable PDFs, USMEP generated press releases to the key trade publications via the Internet, resulting in heightened awareness of the company. As a result, Aquaculture Tunisienne acquired new distributor relationships and significant sales growth in the United States and Canada.

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